-Gardening Guidelines-

For the last 50 years or so we have been progressively flooded with Gardening advice and gardening guru's.
Pre-www it was the coffee table books of unmatchable photos or the popular pulp publications with their badly inked drawings that rarely seemed to match anything that you could find, build or imitate.
Then we had the TV personalities that impressed us with their catch phrases and charisma, plus, the advent of the 'gardening magazine' that gave us tiny glimpses of rarified situations and teased us along with never quite enough information to pull it off in our own gardens.
Then, naturally enough, we had the TV personalities who also did the magazines and the websites and became our experts in the field.
The 'popular' publications never provided us with peer-reviewed information and we, the audience are the general public, ready to be informed, not just entertained.
Many are well edited and often very readable, but depending on who the author is, it could be excellent information or just some idea that appealed to the presenter at the time.
Now, with such a plethorea of information at our fingertips we MUST learn to be discriminatory and evaluate the gardening information that comes our way:
In the words of the Garden Professors 'We now need....The CRAP Test'
To evaluate garden information, use the CRAP test, which stands for credibility, relevance, accuracy, and purpose.
• How credible is your resource (who is the author, and who is the publisher. Did they write it or edit the information)?
• Is it relevant to you as a home gardener?
• Is it accurate, or is it very dated?
• What's the purpose—to give you good information or to sell a product?

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