-The Insect Co-Existence-

Insect predation can reduce the yields or lower the quality of garden vegetables.
Many generations of pests attack your garden vegetables during any growing season. All plant parts can be injured by insects, ultimately reducing not only the general health of your plants and the quality of the fruit or vegetable but also reducing your ultimate pleasure in the 'art' of growing your own.
They can bore into roots, seeds or stems, suck sap or destroy your crops by chewing on the succulent foliage that you had planned to harvest for yourself.
Some plant diseases are carried by insects as well that distracts you from eliminating the cause by treating the symptom. There are many safe, effective and economical control measures you can employ to minimize the loss from insects. Control can be maintained all season by a combination of historically proven practices, mechanical or biological control and finally chemical applications.
These measures are really governed by common sense and whimsical and moderately interesting practices need to be recognised and avoided.
• Every home gardener should anticipate insect pest problems.
• Some vegetation and debris that harbor insects from vegetable garden beds should be removed.

The idea that your vegative rubbish will eventually break down into something positive for your garden simply will not work consistently.
• Some old wisdom tells us that you could turn under spent plants when the vegetables have been harvested.
This practice works for farmers with acres of spent crop but does not apply to home gardeners.
• Notice your plants regularly and look for insect infestations. It's usually pretty obvious.
• The most vulnerable stages of your plants are when they are still young. Keep watch for insect pests are beginning to hatch or emerge and seek out the presence of eggs.
• Observe use restrictions and avoid applying insecticide on garden vegetables within the minimum number of days between last application and harvest.
• Select insecticides that take a short time to control insects during the harvest period.

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