Common Sense Gardening

I must stress, at the very begining, that this website is NOT intended to be another personal blog about gardening. There are already way too many of those around, and that, in a nutshell, is gardening's first major problem. The following site will include a continually growing volume of articles aimed specifically at removing the whole concept of 'Opinion' from the context of 'Gardening' and present the actual substanciated facts as cleanly as possible. (Read more if you wish)

Friend or Foe

By it's very nature, a garden is not a collection of plants. It is an entire ecosystem, that can and will if you let it, maintain itself in a healthy and practical manner. The defination of 'pest' is a mutable thing, as is the idea of decoration.


Natural VS Healthy

Just because plants grow naturally in an environment does not mean that they are some benign energy that can be treated as a harmless alternative to our pharmocologically biased treatments.

Husbandry of the Garden.

Fruit does not grow on trees simply to supply your desire to feed. The fruit was happening long before you came along. We tend and support our fruit trees but we cannot forget our major role here.

- New and Pre-Loved-

From well worn Almanacs, Old Wives Tales, Words from the Wise and Rural Belief Systems, we have all inherited such a plethora of wisdom that it's really hard to find your way through the maze. Now that the Biological sciences are weighing in to the art of Gardening, we can start to use our Common Sense for success.